Hypnosis is a fusion of Oriental mysteries and modern fashion trends in one jewelry collection. Exquisite patterns of silver work remind one of the intricate story lines of the Arabian tales. The glitter of gold plate gives way to noble black patina; irregular sharp edges melt into smooth round lines. Bright natural gemstones recreate the beauty of Asian nature and its immense diversity. Jade, amethyst, quartz, malachite, tiger’s eye, citrine, jadeite or coral combined in one adornment glimmer with bright colors. The richness of diamonds adds a touch of refined elegance. A bracelet shaped as a snake’s head, earrings in the shape of a shield of brave ancient warriors, or a ring with a large bright, almost magically powerful round solitaire in the middle – this jewelry will enhance your beauty and will also be your lucky charm to protect you from bad luck, attract success, and bring love and prosperity.