French Touch

We have transformed the principles of picturesque geometry of Kandinsky, Matisse and Malevich, the subtle strokes of an impressionist’s brush, and the bright colors and bold shapes of the 60s into silver jewelry. Squares, circles and irregular shapes drawn in shiny cubic zirconia, subtle butterfly wings and psychedelic ornaments appear on earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants. You will also find bright tropical flowers, wild jungle vegetation, the Rio carnival and memories of a summer spent on an exotic island: yachts, sails, anchors and masts, mysterious coves, alluring depth, fancy sea creatures and lots of sunshine. The diversity of colorful enamel and the craftsmanship of our jewelers make all of this possible. This jewelry looks good not only at a posh party, or a ball hosted by a Duchess, but is also intended for everyday wear.