Dolce Vita

Jewelry comes here in classic shapes, known since ancient Rome and the Italian Renaissance, perfected by contemporary jewelers of Italy. Circles, ovals and squares with rounded edges instill a feeling of harmony and the victory of humanity over nature. The classical shapes of this collection emerge in two ways – by contrasting different colored gemstones and enamel - coral and turquoise, white enamel and quartz – or by using a thin line of cubic zirconia to set off the bright geometry of the stone against a subtle enamel background. The austere and classic shapes merge with the distinctness of the gemstones and the play of various surface finishes: matt enamel goes together with the caramel glitter of cubic zirconia, while the solid feel of round stones is in contrast with the fragile and subtle silver chains. This jewelry is therefore sought after and chosen by both slender young girls and business women.