Style Avenue; Fashion Jewelry. These four words embody the entire philosophy of the brand with more than 10 years of tradition. Style is not mere design. It is something very special, unique and peculiar to every woman (in ancient Greek, style means handwriting). Avenue represents a central street in a big city, elegant and festive, where in the fashionable window displays you will definitely find something to your choice and taste. Fashion signifies a preferred manner of dress and modernity, the ability to develop an image that meets the demands of the present day. And finally, Jewelry implies a self-contained intelligent accessory able to convey the inner world of a woman, her character, dreams or momentary mood. Are you heading for a romantic city walk or a hot cocktail beach party? Are you going on honeymoon, or on a business trip? Is it a busy day full of business meetings, with an official dinner in a restaurant in the evening? Are you an artistic soul, a young rock star, a vamp or a devoted angel in the house? Style Avenue collections will offer you an answer to all these questions. Well chosen jewelry is an accessory that can decide how your day will go and which role you will play today. Be daring!